about flw strategies

what are we?
we are a social marketing agency, helping businesses elevate their strategies and structures so that they can implement instagram and influencer marketing with ease.

how do we help your business?
we help businesses grow organically on instagram, increase their click to website and product awareness, create communities and target specific audiences. we run influencer marketing campaigns, host events and arrange creative pr send-outs. oh, and we also help businesses grow their email lists.

who are we?
we are a small team of insta savvy females with 10+ years of experience from working with social media and influencer marketing mainly within the e-commerce world. based in sweden.

meet the team

Celina Blanche, founder and CEO

Sarah Tjulander, Campaign Manager

Andrea Contreras, account manager

Michaela Brännström Helleday, account manager

want to grow your business on instagram?
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